The Flamingo Restaurant is an ideal place to relax, where you can enjoy a delicious meal, enjoy the magnificent view of the lake and breathe in the fresh sea air. Here, near the aqua zone, on a hot summer day, we offer you a rich cocktail menu and cool soft drinks. If you decide to have lunch or dinner, choose the Black Sea Catch section.

The restaurant is famous for its seafood dishes. Our secret is that every day we are supplied with the freshest, freshly caught Black Sea fish - tulka, flounder, pelengas, etc., as well as seafood - mussels, shrimps, rapana. Guests of our hotel are attracted by a fresh fish presentation. You can choose exactly what you like, and the chef will be happy to prepare a dish from the fish or seafood you choose.

Be sure to try the side dishes, especially the homemade potatoes made according to a special recipe.

Children will be delighted with the fries. You can also order various types of pizza, burgers, pasta. Lovers of dietary food will be pleased with a wide range of fresh salads made of greens and vegetables.

The chef personally chooses the best Odesa recipes and controls the quality of ready-made dishes at every stage of cooking. Absolutely all natural products are delivered from local farms, their quality and freshness, as well as their benefits are 100% guaranteed.

Free breakfast is hearty and balanced and is included in the room rate. If you wish, you can always use the room service and order it directly to your room. It's so great to eat on your own outdoor terrace with comfortable soft chairs and enjoy the unsurpassed views.

If you are vacationing with small children, you can use the comfortable highchairs for feeding. We have done everything to make you and your little guests feel comfortable in our restaurant.

What's included in the menu

The wide variety of menu includes the best dishes from the chef. The list includes unsurpassed first courses that will give you a boost of energy for the whole day, satiate and delight you with excellent taste.

And, of course, there are drinks for every taste - alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The menu includes a variety of cocktails, juices, wines, beers, and much more.

Ресторан Flamingo family club славится своими морскими блюдами, которые занимают особое место в меню. Ежедневно нам поставляют самую свежую, только что выловленную черноморскую рыбу – тюльку, камбалу, пеленгаса и так далее, а также морепродукты – мидии, креветки, рапаны. Выбирайте все, что душа пожелает, из раздела «Улов Черного моря».

И, конечно, вас ждут напитки на любой вкус – алкогольные и безалкогольные. В меню – разнообразные коктейли, соки, вина, пиво и многое другое.

Номер для бронирования столика в ресторане +380972128402

Advantages of the restaurant

Free breakfasts
Varied menu
Wine list
Always fresh fish